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360Group® aim high at being focused on building relationships with our clients and community. Using our innovative Products drives this foundation.



Where We Are

360Group® is a leading global provider of next-generation business collaboration and communications solutions. We are expert into Water & Wastewater Management, Smart Automobile, Agriculture Technology, Business Consultant, Smart Automation, Power & Energy, Software Developments, Aerospace & Defence, Healthcare Products, Food & Beverage, Artificial Intelligence, Textile & apparels, Research & Development and Customer support related services to companies of all sizes around the world.

Our Brands

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GInd® is India's leading independent engineering and consulting enterprise, primarily specializing in Infrastructure, Interior and Architecture, Water and Wastewater Management, Power and Energy, and Smart Automation.


Electrotec® specializes in the manufacturing and design of Green Vehicles for the Industries, Aerospace & Defence, and Agriculture segments. Additionally, we provide product design services for all industries. Our focus is on creating future designs for the next generation.


Mediseeds® is a farm management company committed to aiding farmers and farm owners by fostering new innovations and incorporating future technologies.


SysInd® is a rapidly expanding global information technology, consulting, and business process services company. We leverage the potential of cognitive computing, hyper-automation, robotics, cloud, analytics, and emerging technologies to assist our clients in adapting to the digital world, ensuring their success.


Newcloud®- Discover a simple, yet dynamic platform that seamlessly blends personal and professional lifestyles. Capture, edit, and share photos, videos, and messages in a fun and creative way. Whether it's for business discussions or casual interactions, our platform allows you to express yourself with ease. Share your moments publicly or selectively with preapproved followers, creating a personalized experience for every aspect of your life.


Dheekshi® is a value-driven company committed to advancing our product line to the next level. Specializing in delivering end-to-end customized solutions, our high-precision products adhere to international standards. Our comprehensive solutions empower clients to achieve success in any environment, reflecting our dedication to excellence.


360business provides tailored business support services for our corporate clients, ensuring seamless and effective solutions to meet their specific needs.


360Shopie stands as a prominent supplier and exporter, offering a diverse range of products including textiles, electronics, books, home appliances, furniture, sports kits, pet accessories, and more. We excel in meeting customized client requirements, providing these products at competitive market prices.

Udhik Fabtex

Udhik Fabtex is a trusted name in both the Indian and international markets. With years of experience, the company has solidified its presence in the business of Raw Cotton, Comber Noil, Cotton Yarn, Polyester Filament, Fabrics, Towels, Blankets, and Home Furnishings.


Cheral® is more than just a brand; it represents a commitment to premium quality products. We source traditional food items directly from quality farmers, ensuring that no chemicals are added. Our mission is to enable customers to embrace a healthy lifestyle by offering chemical-free foods, contributing to the protection and enhancement of both the environment and human health.

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360Group® stands as a leading manufacturing company specializing in industrial equipment and machinery. Our expertise spans multidisciplinary turnkey environmental engineering projects, skid-mounted packages, industrial process equipment, heavy fabrication, precision machining, and more.

Diversifying into various sectors, 360Group® is involved in automotive products, control panel boards, food & beverage, textiles, green vehicles, smart automation, and new innovative products.

our focus revolves around three pillars: Research and Development, the production of products for both public and private sectors, and product exports. This commitment positions 360Group® as a comprehensive solution provider in the industry.



Business Lines

Welcome to 360Group

" 360Group® - Business Solutions Firmly is rapidly emerging as one of the fastest-growing and highly esteemed infrastructure companies in India. Our proficiency lies in successfully delivering large and intricate industrial infrastructure projects. The group's portfolio encompasses specialized companies with a sector-specific focus, operating independently yet collectively contributing to the enterprise's overarching vision through internal integration.
At Business Solutions Firmly, we aspire to achieve greatness by maintaining a sharp focus on cultivating strong relationships with our clients and the community we serve."

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Empowering Industrial Segments Through Technology Transfer.

Design, Engineering, Development & Executions
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360Group® a leading manufacturer of industrial equipment and machinery, we specialize in multidisciplinary turnkey environmental engineering projects, skid-mounted packages, automotive products, industrial process equipment, heavy fabrication, precision machining, and more.


Sound products and services form the bedrock of any organization. However, the journey commences with identifying a societal problem you aim to solve. A viable business case hinges on a problem that is not only validated but also presents scalability, relative permanency, and a willingness from customers to pay for the solution. Once a robust problem is identified, the focus shifts to crafting a solution, and the right product or service emerges as one that precisely delivers that specific solution.


In an end-to-end supply chain, interactions involve three key entities—suppliers, manufacturers, and customers—along with four types of crucial flows: information, product, cash, and product returns. Our expertise lies in assisting organizations in analyzing and enhancing/optimizing their supply chains.


Business Analysis revolves around recommending solutions to organizational needs and problems. The practice of business analysis empowers organizations to map their current state, establish a future state, identify risks, develop solutions, and formulate an implementation strategy.

Branding Work

Corporate Brands


360Group® stands as a Super Brand, recognized as a leading global provider of next-generation business collaboration and communications solutions

GInd® We are a rapidly growing company with a focus on design and execution. Our expertise spans across construction, architecture, interiors, water and wastewater management, renewable energy, and storage systems. Additionally, we actively promote our company's products and services."

Mediseeds® is dedicated to assisting farmers in India and around the world, driving innovation, and embracing future technologies to enhance agricultural practices.

Newcloud® An easy, enjoyable, and creative platform for capturing, editing, and sharing photos, videos, and messages with friends and family.

Recall your lifestyle.
Every Moments.

SysInd® We are a product-based software company that also undertakes service-based projects by offering comprehensive solutions to our customers.

Dheekshi®As the principal investment holding company and promoter of Dheekshi Ventures, we are committed to creating new technology for Aerospace & Defence, fostering a peaceful life for our corporate clients.

Cheral® is involved in offering a diverse range of products, including traditional rice, pulses, Ayurvedic products, spices & nuts, dairy products, general medicines, organic vegetables, natural oils, organic fruits, skin products, and more.

Electrotec® specializes in the manufacturing and design of Smart Cars and innovative product designs. Our focus is on pioneering future designs for the next generation.