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    We must invest in community service and ensure that our performance aligns with the best in the world in each of the overseas markets. Significant GInd affiliates include GInd Infra, GInd Consultant, and GInd Automation.


    Offering a comprehensive range of services including Project Concept Development, Pre-feasibility & Feasibility Reports, Detailed Project Reports, Environmental Study Reports, System Studies, Frontend Engineering Design (FEED), Operation and Maintenance (OE) Services, and Detailed Engineering.


    DBO - Design, Build, Operate: Specializing in plant construction, modernization, and operational management.


" Project Concept Development, Pre-feasibility & Feasibility Reports, Detailed Project Reports, Environmental Study Reports, System Studies, Frontend Engineering Design (FEED), OE Services, Detailed Engineering. "


"Project Management, Engineering Review, Construction Management / Supervision, Program Management, Interface Management, Specialised Services, Quality & Safety Audits, Outage Management. "


" 3D Modelling & 4D Simulation, Asset Digitisation, Engineering IT Services, BIM & IIoT, New Machine Development, Machine Localisation, Machine Component Development, Design Validation, FE Analysis, Special Projects. "


" Procurement Assistance, Quality, Inspection & Equipment management, Vendor Quality Assessment, Vendor Management, Inquiry/Tender Preparation and Award. "


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GInd Infra Private Limited is an Indian conglomerate holding company headquartered in Chennai, India. GInd Infra is a fast-growing infrastructure company focused on public-private joint venture businesses and developments in India. This involves the development of infrastructure projects by private sector players in partnership with the central and state governments, encompassing roads, bridges, water supply, energy, and urban infrastructure.

GInd Infrastructure has extensive experience in providing comprehensive project management services for various project types, including infrastructure, healthcare, transportation, power, oil & gas, water purification, and wastewater & effluent treatment plants.


GInd Infra is an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) company specializing in industrial, commercial, housing, warehousing, and concrete pavements. We engage in the design, procurement, construction, and implementation of projects, offering a comprehensive range of services from pre-construction to complete turnkey construction projects. Our expertise spans a wide range, reflecting our dedication and passion.
We aspire to become a world-class EPCC committed to delivering the highest quality, on-time project completion, and customer satisfaction. Our commitment includes a continuous learning process, drawing from a diverse base of experience.


Architect & Interiors

Commercial and Corporate Interiors: Banks, Offices, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Corporate Interiors.
Residential Interiors: Engineering, Structural Design, Mechanical Services, Painting, Carpentry, Plumbing, Access Control, CCTV, EPABX Networking, Structured Cabling, Electrical Work, Furniture, Sofa/Mattress, Decor.
Industrial Projects: Manufacturing Buildings, Cold Storage Buildings, Data Centers, Flex Buildings, Warehouse Construction
Retail and Hospitality: Grocery and Retail Stores, Restaurants, Lodging Facilities, Office Buildings, Medical Facilities
Other Construction Projects: Athletic Structures, Individual Houses or Private Dwellings, Lodging or Rooming Houses, Dormitories, Apartments, Hotels.

Consultant Engineering

GInd is a versatile and multi-disciplinary Engineering Services company, offering a broad spectrum of services, including Engineering Design, Project Execution, HR Development, and more. Our establishment was guided by a vision to deliver QUALITY, TIMELY, and COST-EFFECTIVE SERVICES to esteemed clients in both the Public and Private sectors.
We cater to a diverse clientele, including EPC Contractors, Manufacturing Industries, Engineering Consulting firms, and more. Our services extend across various industry sectors, encompassing both ONSHORE and OFFSHORE projects. GInd operates in INDIAN and INTERNATIONAL LOCATIONS, engaging in projects within Greenfield and Brownfield Industries.


Water & Wastewater

GInd provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions for industrial and municipal water treatment, covering civil works throughout the entire value chain. Our expertise spans the development of water supply systems, sewage systems, and treatment plants, encompassing desalination and effluent treatment facilities.
We leverage our in-house design capabilities, forge strategic technology partnerships, and employ real-time project monitoring to ensure optimal project execution. Emphasizing a commitment to the circular economy, we offer unique solutions that transform wastewater into portable and industrial water, contributing to sustainable and resource-efficient practices for our diverse range of customers.

Renewable Energy

GInd specializes in the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) of complete solar power plants, encompassing the design of electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, and control systems. Our services extend beyond construction, including maintenance of the power plant, monthly data monitoring, and corrective maintenance.
Our expertise covers the full spectrum of solar plant projects, from the erection and commissioning of the entire facility to the ongoing Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of the complete solar plant. This comprehensive approach ensures the seamless functioning and longevity of solar power installations.


Storage Solutions

GInd offers a comprehensive solution that transforms warehouse businesses. Our new cloud Warehouse Storage Systems not only maximize space utilization but also streamline warehouse operations. For those seeking end-to-end solutions, we extend our offerings to include Material Handling Systems.
Our seamless solutions allow you to stay focused on your core business while entrusting logistics to us. We serve diverse sectors, ranging from Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, and Agrochemicals to Food and Beverages, Textiles, Paper, Paints, Automotive, Railways, and Defence.
Specializing in custom-designed Warehouse Movement, Racking Industries, Materials Handling Equipment, as well as general product services, we ensure tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.

Smart Automation

GInd® Homes is a leading home improvement company specializing in Smart Home products. Our solutions prioritize client safety, security, smart spaces, and a peaceful life.
At GInd®, we offer premier products and services to transform your home into a smart haven. The extent to which you invest in your smart home is entirely customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your comfort level. Smart homes thrive on seamless communication between components.
Our range of Smart Home Products includes Smart Water Purifiers, Smart Video Phones, Smart Vacuum Cleaners, Smart Furniture, Smart Doorbells, Smart Speakers, Smart Displays, Smart Lighting, Smart Thermostats, Smart Security Cameras, Smart Plugs, Smart Locks, and Smart Smoke Detectors.


Design & Fabrication

GInd® Fabrication, a part of the Dheekshi Group, stands as an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier dedicated to excelling in the development of Pre-Engineered Buildings and Purlins.
With a commitment to maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction, we play a crucial role in delivering an expanded product portfolio of prefabricated buildings. Our offerings include quality-approved Pre-Engineered Buildings, Industrial Purlins, Structural Design services, Racks, Water Treatment Plants (WTP), Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP), Cold Storage Structures, and much more.

Artificial Intelligence

GInd® is a provider of engineering services and products catering to planning, design, and operations for civil, commercial, and defense organizations.
Our focus on AI solutions and machine learning-based automation enhances your business, providing a competitive advantage. We offer end-to-end guidance and support to help you develop, implement, and refine your artificial intelligence strategy, team structure, and technology.


Project Management

GInd Infra is a rapidly expanding infrastructure company dedicated to public-private joint venture businesses and developments in India. We actively participate in the development of infrastructure projects through partnerships with both central and state governments. Our focus encompasses roads, bridges, water supply, energy, and urban infrastructure, contributing to the growth and progress of the nation.

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GInd Infrastructure boasts extensive experience in delivering comprehensive project management services across various sectors. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of projects, including infrastructure, healthcare, transportation, power, oil & gas, water purification, and wastewater & effluent treatment plants.

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